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Robin S. 2011-02-21
I have a lustern bracelet exactly as the one depicted in your picture. Mine is in extremely good condition. It looks almost as if it is brand new. The colors as still bright, there are no missing links. The stone in the middle is deep golden yellow. My dad gave it to my mom during the World War II era. When he gave it to her he said, "I wish this could be something else." The day he actually did ask her to marry him he had to chase her down on the tractor she was driving. She had her hair done up in a white scarf and her face was caked with dirt from the fields. She said that by the time he caught her she was so mad that she had tears running down her face, which made the whole heavenly vision even better. Ha! Ha! Anyway, just thought I'd share my story. I've always loved this bracelet, and wondered what it was made from.
Meg 2008-10-18
Just wanted to write and say that this site is phenomenal! I thought it would be sophisticated, but I'm blown away. And your jewelry is absolutely lovely. I especially like the Victorian and Deco stuff. This is going on my Christmas shopping list for sure...
From: St. Louis 2008-10-18
great website
From: Dallas, Texas
~Sunny 2008-01-20
Hi Diana! I'm so happy to hear from you again. :- I was thrilled that such a special ring went to such a loving couple. Your husband is a jewel and you are a gem. May your life together always sparkle. Hugs to you both!
Diana 2008-01-20
I wear the beautiful, waterfall- diamond estate ring DAILY! I love it! What a treasure and lovely story. I wish you the best for 2008.
From: Idaho
Susie 2007-12-30
What a wonderful and untique site! I loved browsing though all your fantastic items!
From: Oklahoma
~Sunny 2007-07-01
Thanks, Lori - you've made my day! Hugs to ya!
Lori H. 2007-07-01
You aren't kiddin'! Yours is the BEST store of its kind I've ever seen-- bar none. I LOVE your taste in jewelry wholeheartedly.
From: Massachusettes
~Sunny 2007-06-04
Thanks, Terrie! I'm so happy you've found us. :-
Terrie 2007-06-04
Absolutely awesome site with the most beautiful jewels I have ever seen. Terrie
From: Mid Michigan
~Sunny 2007-05-29
You've made my day Hope. I'm looking forward to getting to know you, also. This little hobby aka obsession has brought some of the sweetest people into my life.
~Sunny 2007-05-29
Thanks Gina and Welcome! I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
Hope W. 2007-05-29
I had the pleasure of meeting your daughter at the Gypsy Caravan flea market yesterday. I was working at a new costume jewelry, purse, booth and I noticed the beautiful pink/purple vintage set she was wearing and we chatted a while and she gave me your website info. My real love is vintage jewelry and I have been collecting for over 20 years. I couldn't wait to visit your website, and I think I have found "a little piece of heaven on earth" Your daughter is delightful and there are so many beautiful items on your website I can't decide what to order 1st. I am thinking about starting to sell some of my collection, but haven't really gotten that off the ground yet. I have lived in the St Louis area most all my life, and as you did, purchased my first jewelry item at a very young age. I look forward to getting to know you and becoming friends. Can't believe I missed my chance at that "so fun" Christmas brooch/necklace which I see has already sold. You will be getting my 1st order soon.
From: St. Louis
Gina M. 2007-05-27
Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your shop. Your jewelry is lovely. Best of luck to you!
From: Minnesota
~Sunny 2007-05-06
Awww, I'm all verklempt. Each of you girls are very special to me and I'm glad you're comfy in our roomy new surrounds I'm hoping to have more for you to look at soon. Hugs to ya!!!
Aunt Lizzie 2007-05-06
Good morning, Sunny! Love the new store! You've been on my favs list for a long time. Now I have you bookmarked! Have a great day. I'm off to check out the Estate Treasures. Bye, Bye Aunt Lizzie
From: Springfield, IL
ole_maxwellhouse 2007-05-06
Love the new digs!!! Have fun in your new home!!!
From: cr, ia
Mom's Jewelry Collecting 2007-05-06
Fabulous Sunny Day!! This is an amazing Site! Good Job. Loved looking at all your Fantastic Jools
From: EBAY


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